Tripod Projector Screen 150×150 cm


Buying a tripod screen is a low cost portable solution either for one location or to move around. You can be sure that the Leader Tripod 150x150cm Projector Screen 1:1 85 inch is a good solution. This tripod is a 1:1 – a square shape – standard for tripod screens as it allows you to project all aspects onto it.

Ideal for those who want to use it for home cinema. Lots of people buy a tripod screen as they are an easy solution to work with your projector and the Tripod. Projector Screen 150x150cm 16:9 85inch is one people often choose. As you would expect from Just Projectors we have a great range of sizes and different brands. 16:09 – ideal for 1080p HD use as it matches the shape. Ask if you need help.

These screens are Medium-sized tripod screen suitable up to 50 people – they are easy to buy. The matt white fabric with black borders inside a metal cassette. Black-backed to prevent light bleeding. Heavy-duty feet and legs. The size quoted cm is the visible viewing area will be the part the projector shines onto, not including the casing, so consider do you have room for it when traveling or storing away.


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