TCL C735 75 inch QLED 4K UHD Google TV



  • Screen display: 75 inches
  • Refresh rate: 120Hz
  • Audio power: 30W
  • Speaker Type: ONKYO
  • Micro Dimming: 2304 zones
  • Game Master
  • High Color Gamut: ≥93% DCI-P3 Coverage / Colour volume > 100%
  • OS: Android 11 Google TV
  • RAM/ROM: 3GB/32GB
  • Power consumption: 165W
  • HDR: HDR10+, Dolby Vision IQ
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TCL C735 75 inch QLED 4K UHD Google TV in Kenya

TCL C735 75 inch QLED 4K UHD Google TV provides you with striking brightness, exceptional shadow details, and vivid colors. TCL C735 QLED 4K Google TV, with QLED 4K wide color gamut and Dolby Vision IQ, enables precise control of brightness and color.

TCL C735 equipped with a 144Hz high refresh rate is a boon for game lovers, paralleling the gaming experience of a PC monitor. Game Master mode brings a silky smooth gaming experience with fewer lags, no tearing, and instant control commands. Multi-HDR modes are Supported, it can perfectly adapt to different game sources.

The C735 series comes with a Quantum Dot technology that features a layer of light-emitting nanocrystals that boost color vibrancy. Quantum Dot produces amazing, true-to-life visual accuracy with cleaner whites and an extended array of colors. Enter a new realm of color with Quantum Dot.

With four times the resolution of Full HD viewing, 4K delivers an incredible upgrade in detail and clarity. Enjoy all your viewing and gaming with stunning sharpness and definition. Keep up with the growing trend of UHD movies, shows, and game development.

The TCL C735 series has an AiPQ Engine that processes content in real-time, detecting the environment and upscaling display and audio. Meanwhile, audio quality is compensated dynamically based on volume, eliminating distortion of signal and speakers, and providing a more authentic listening experience at any sound level. 


TCL C735 75-inch QLED 4K UHD Google TV has a bezel-less design making it look super elegant. Three sides of the TV are well secured with a metallic material while the lower side is bezel-less as mentioned.  With this design get more screens as well as a piece of decor in your living room. Just that this piece of art is live due to the slim features, is amazing. The TV measures 1671 x 958 x 99mm weighing 29 Kg without a stand. Another exquisite feature is the single middle-positioned stand. Unlike the previous models of TCL, this one does not have the common pair of the stand.


The highlight of this smart TV is the 4K processor that transforms all scenes to a much clear view including those of the least resolution. You can as well as watch the improved quality of low quality without noticing the shift. With a 4K resolution of 3840×2160 pixels be sure of a clear display at all times. Quantum technology in place brings you along over a billion colors and several couples of shades. This presents a bright screen with lots of details and vivid colors. All scenes are going to appear more natural and fuller of colors yet so clear.

Dolby Vision IQ

Another technology in the TCL C735 75-inch QLED 4K UHD Google TV is Dolby Vision. It produces 10 times the lighting in the HDR10. This is a powerful cinema technology thus allowing you to have the cinema experience in your living space. The technology also has IQ intelligence enabling it to detect environment brightness and adjust accordingly. The IQ incorporated even makes things much better by specially making necessary changes in every scene.


Here is an improved version of the HDR10 technology to make things better and more interesting. It improves the contrast and color thus way much better offering you 4000nits of brightness. in addition to this is the micro dimming feature in this TV.

AUDIO IN TCL C735 75 inch  TV

There are ONKYO channels-2 speakers that give you great sound at home on your TV. This is to ensure that the TV sound matches the display offered. The Dolby Atmos technology uniquely identifies the scene and adjusts the sound to match the scene. There is also Bluetooth 5.0, you can boost your sound with a soundbar thus enjoying the full cinematic mode in the comfort of your home.


Google in an Android TV brings along plenty of entertainment as well as amazing features. There is a whole play store is in place for you to have more in your TV. Get to download more apps thus loads of entertainment through the apps. There is also the google duo feature offering you a wide view while on a video call with friends and family. Google also suggests possible content or subscriptions you may be interested in. You do not have to struggle anymore making changes to your TV as “OK Google makes everything super easy and personalized for you. This way you can give commands to your TV using your voice.


The Android 11 OS which was also the case in the predecessor TCL 65C635 QLED 4K  TV and in all models of the C735 is seen in this TV as well. This TV, therefore, comes with pre-installed apps and a play store so you can download more apps thus lots of entertainment at your disposal. There is also the AIPQ 2.0 engine bearing the quad-core processor(4K) that optimizes hardware and software performance generally. It processes content in real-time, detects the environment, and upscales both display and audio to match great standards.


TCL C735 75 inch QLED 4K UHD Google TV is a gaming master with a couple of features to facilitate this functionality. To start with the 75 inches size is enough for gaming either alone or with your buddies. Experience greater display alongside audio technology and smoother streaming during your gaming sessions with the game master technology with the Game Master. With the Game bar, another technology gets to in all games with a clear screen and all gaming parameters well visible.

This means that the kinds of frame rate, and HDR are well displayed during the game or quickly set the related parameters. This TV has a refresh rate of 120 Hz which is much improved thus exemplary performance. A variable Refresh Rate(VRR) of 144Hz is something that will ensure speedy and yet clear games can be enjoyed on this TV at all times.

You will have minimized motion blur and fuller resolution and audio. There is also HDMI 2.1 which is the latest update of HDMI that supports a range of higher video resolutions and great refresh rates. Every moment of the videos is well displayed without missing out on any details. Lastly is the ALLM, by switching to the Automatic Low Latency Mode just to ensure accurate response between the TV and a gaming console.


What we mean when we say that the TCL C735 75 inch QLED 4K UHD Google TV can multitask is you can view a couple of content on one screen. Cast your mobile, game, be on YouTube, and much more by splitting your screen up to four times.  This way you will be able to view or monitor activities on one side as go about something else on another end. Now when it comes to casting you are not limited to Android devices just because the TV operates on Android OS. There is AirPlay 2 that allows your smart TV to connect easily with apple devices to share your favorite moments. If you have an IOS device both a phone and a laptop, easily enjoy a wider view through the worry no more as you can conveniently cast to you are bigger screen.


Being a smart TV this device comes with several connectivity features making it super versatile. Since you can watch online activities it is so obvious that it connects effectively to the internet with Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/n/ac 2.4G/5G.there is Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity to other systems.  Also in place is the USB 2.0, HDMI port, AV input, and RF input.


As mentioned above is the OK GOOGLE that you can always use to control your TV as well as compatible devices. This is a voice command that enables you to control the TV by using your voice. There also comes a wireless remote alongside the TV in the box. From a distance get to change the channels and adjust the volume without the need for the internet.

WHY CHOOSE TCL C735 75 inches

  • Advanced Bluetooth functionality
  • Latest Android 11 OS
  • Google features
  • 4K display
  • Dolby Technology (Atmos and Vision IQ)
  • Hands free-voice control
  • Gaming master
  • HDR10+


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