Cursor AP-700VA Active Pro Line Interactive UPS

A UPS contains a battery that “kicks in” when the electronic device senses loss of power from the mains source. If you are using the computer when the UPS notifies you of the power loss, you have time to save any data you are working on and exit gracefully before the secondary power source (the battery) runs out.

KSh 8,000.00

Cursor Technologies is one of the major participants in global IT Accessories & Consumer electronics. They proudly present themselves as one of the fast growing and dynamic OEM manufacturer in this segment. The company is in comprehensive product development with innovative product range which would attract the entire market. It is a major participant in Tablet PC’s, Laptops, Computer Accessories & Peripherals, Life Style & Multimedia products, Power products, Speakers, Home Theater Systems and Surveillance Systems.

Key Features

  • Cursor Power Backup ups 700va
  • AVR Boost and Buck
  • Cold Start Function
  • Build in Self-diagnostic Function
  • Fastest Charging Capacity
  • Auto Charging at Off Mode
  • Auto-restart Function


  • Capacity: 700VA
  • Input Voltage: 240VAC±10%
  • Output Voltage: 240VAC±10%
  • Battery Size: 12v / 7ah
  • Runtime: 15MINS ~45MINS