Mercury Maverick 1550VA UPS

KSh 18,000.00

Mercury maverick 1550VA UPS

MERCURY maverick 1550VA offline UPS features excellent microprocessor control for Super Performance thus guanting high reliability.

    • The UPS also has intelligent battery management for Longer Battery Life
    • Comprehensive and reliable protection to Safeguard Your Equipment
    • Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization
    • Built-in super-fast charger that shortens charging time
    • Off mode charging function
    • Optional no-load shutdown
    • Built-in self-diagnostic function
    • Mercury 1.55VA ups also comes with auto restart while AC is recovering
    • Power-on self-test
    • Mercury 1550VA has a compact size and it is also light weight.
    • Line Interactive
    • Audible alarm for backup, low battery or Overload mode
    • This UPS also provides AC overload protection.

Mercury 1550va UPS with AVR function and high performance efficiency is the right UPS backup for your delicate appliances, as it delivers uninterruptible power supply as well as AVR protection. The Built in AVR also stabilizes output voltage and enhances battery life as UPS works on main mode on very high and low voltage conditions.